The school is a day and a co-educational institution. It is a mission owned institution.

It contains Nursery/Primary and Secondary sections. The Primary section began in 1984 but due to inconsistency in the administration, it was re-registered in Jan 2005 with a total of 250 pupils.

The secondary section was introduced by the then parish priest of St. Mathew’s Catholic Church, Rev. Fr. Anthony Ikhenoba in July 2003. He was supported by the proprietor Most Rev. Dr. Peter Y. Jatau, the Emeritus Archbioshop of Kaduna Archdiocese, on 10th July 2003; The EMS forms were purchased by Mr. G. K.Y. Kaboshio in company of Engr. Anthony Bawa and Mrs. Mary Okache who was the head teacher in the primary section.

On 29th Sept, 2003 the school took off in its temporary site inside the church premises. It started with only one class of junior Sec. Sch. (JSS 1), During this period (Sept-Dec. 03) only thirty seven students were enrolled.


The first inspection was carried out by Alhaji Ahmadu Garba of the Ministry of Education Kaduna South, (School services) on 9th Oct. 2003. The second inspection was by Mr. Linus Kuliyah of Ministry of Health, Kaduna North, on 7th Nov., 2003. to fill in the vacant posts and to replace those who left for further studies the following teachers were employed.


Secodary Teaching Staff

  1. Mrs. Okache Mary E – Principal
  2. Rev. Fr. Francis A. Bako – C.R.S
  3. Mr. Sani Amos – Business & Acct
  4. Mr Francis Juliana – Geography
  5. Mr. Sylvester Pius – Social Studies
  6. Mrs Muonekwu Juliet – Mass Comm
  7. Mr Abdulrazak Jibril  – Economics & Commerce
  8. Mr. Yakubu Nuvalga – Maths & Biology
  9. Mrs Joseph Rachael – French
  10. Mrs Otori Joy – Marketing & civic
  11. Mr. Mandela John Victor – Maths & Physics
  12. Mr Abraham Kevin .B – Chemistry & Computer
  13. Mrs Abigail Andrew – PHE & Home Economics
  14. Mr John Michael – Hausa
  15. Miss Geraldine Akujobi – English & C.R.S
  16. Mr Danjuma Ibrahim – Basic Tech & Basic Science
  17. Mr Sabastine Henry – Agric Science & Physics

Primary Teaching Staff

  1. Ocherebe James – Head Teacher
  2. Umaru Regina Onyemu Pre Nusery
  3. Mary Joseph Pre Nursery
  4. Charity Ugochukwu Nursery 1_A
  5. Mrs Ugochukwu Nursery 1_B
  6. Edith Kelvin – Nursery 2_A
  7. Augustina Akandu – Nursery 2_B
  8. Elisha Martina – Primary 1_A
  9. Celina Christopher – Primary 1_B
  10. Susan Leo – Primary 2_A
  11. Blessing lucious – Primary 3_A
  12. Elisha Helen Linda – Primary 3_B
  13.  Angela Nnamani – Primary 4_A
  14. Emmanuel Agebee – Primary 4_B
  15. Theophilus Kpop – Primary 5_A
  16. Rosemary Umar – Primary – 6
  17. Victoria Michael (Corper)
  18. Joseph Lucios – Computer
  19. Rechael Joseph – French
  20. Sabina T Abbas – Assistant
  21. Angelina .O. Godwin – Assistant


The School is located in Ungwan Television,

Market area by NITEL

Kaduna South L.G.A.


It has the following amenities


  • Pipe borne water
  • Electricity
  • A well
  • A stand by generator
  • Game facilities

The premises is secured with wall fencing.



The aims and objectives of the School include

  1. To bring Secondary School education closer to members of, the immediate community and its environs.
  2. To mould the character and develop sound attitude and morals in the learners.
  3. to offer diversified curriculum to cater for the differences in talents, opportunities and future roles
  4. To prepare the learners for internal and external examinations, thus preparing them for entry into other institutions of higher learning.
  5. To contribute to the development of human capital in our nation through qualitative education.
  6. To compliment the effort of Kaduna State Govt, in enhancing the level of literacy in the state.



Admission into Junior Secondary School One (JSS 1) is open to all Primary School Leavers who must have attended the placement exercise by the Ministry of Education and can read the passage given to them.

Admission into the Senior Secondary School one (SS1) is open to JS3 studies who must have sat and passed English and Mathematics in addition to other subjects in the Junior Secondary Examination Certificate (JSCE) conducted by the Educational Resource Centre(ERC).

While admission into other classes like JS 2 and SS2 depends on the existence of vacancies in such classes and they must have evidence of having completed the previous class.


Television, U/Sunday, U/Romi, Barnawa, Sabon Tasha and Kukuri.


This is determine by the school Board at any particular time.


Next Generation Christain Foundation Reading UK (NGCF).

This is a charity organization based in the United Kingdom, they sponsor indigent students who pass the common entrance examination with an excellent result, we have about twenty one (21) beneficiaries. some are in their sixth year and preparing for their final examination, i.e. the West African Examination Council. (WAEC).


The parish of Saint Matthews Television also provides scholarship for orphans and students that are less fortunate. we have about eighteen of such students. ranging from the sixth grade in the secondary school to nursery school. Below is the video link of NGCF.

Click me to watch NGCF Video


  1. Students are to be punctual to all school activities